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Book Deal for Self-Published Kindle Author

by Dan Nosowitz / Gizmodo

cover_theark.jpgAuthor Boyd Morrison wrote and uploaded a book called The Ark, pictured, to Kindle, and found such success that he has now signed a two book deal with Simon and Schuster

For the rest of the story: http://gizmodo.com/5312593/self+published-kindle-author-lands-deal-in-obsolete-ink+and+paper-format


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Will the Expresso Book Machine Change the Playing Field?

Imagine having your book available (“in stock”) at every Barnes & Noble across the country. Imagine brick-and-mortar bookstores carrying virtually endless inventory. I’m excited about the Expresso Book Machine and you should be too!

The Expresso Book Machine will literally allow people to walk into their local bookstore and, if they can’t find a specific title or a book on a specific topic on the bookstore shelves — they can simply use this machine and print the book they want.

To read the full article: http://writerwatchdog.com/expresso_book_machine.html

For additional news and video on the Expresso Book Machine:



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